Stobbe 1776 Blackcurrant

Stobbe is one of the oldest Gins at all

Stobbe is one of the oldest juniper liquor ever: in 1776, Peter Stobbe, who came from a Dutch Mennonite family, started distilling a juniper schnapps/liquor in the area around Danzig. The secret recipe is still family owned. Today‘s Stobbe 1776 Gin combines the classic Stobbe with the fruitiness of black currant and the fine acidity of bergamot.

On the clear bottle, the blue cross as signal describes the new ingredients bergamot and blackcurrant, which give the gin its special profile with 43% vol.

Stobbe 1776 Blackcurrant

Premium London Dry Gin

0,5 l Bottle = 33,- €

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  • Bergamot – fine acidity
  • Green pepper – mild sharpness
  • Black currant – distinctive fruit note

Perfect Serve

Ice cubes, Schweppes Indian Tonic, slice of lemon or lime.