Stobbe 1776 “240” Bourbon Barrel

Stobbe 1776 "240" Gin

The Venerable - Barrel Dry Gin

Stobbe 1776 “240” Barrel Filling is a fitting tribute to Peter Stobbe, who began aging a delicious Machandel in barrel back in 1776.

This special Blackcurrant gin was developed in light of the 240th anniversary of the award-winning house of Stobbe.

In keeping with tradition, this celebratory gin is aged for a full 12 months in a bourbon barrel, giving it a remarkable aroma. The fruitiness of blackcurrant and the fine acidity of bergamot of the classic Stobbe gin are complemented by a subtle and mild wood note through this careful process. This allows a coherent, melodic taste experience to unfold, which reveals itself to a connoisseur of this gin from the first sip.

Stobbe 1776 "240" Barrel filling

Barrel Dry Gin

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Characteristic botanicals

  • Bergamot – fine acidity
  • Green pepper – mild spiciness
  • Black currant – concise fruity note

Perfect Serve

Ideal to enjoy neat or to enrich a delicious Tom Collins.