Stobbe Gin since 1776


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Stobbe1776 builds on gin experience since 1776 and is no longer produced in West Prussia, but in the heart of Germany. We have preserved the gin family recipe, but adapted the gin taste to today’s time.

This has resulted in a gin from Germany that is special, especially because of the botanicals bergamot and black currant, which is why it is well received not only in competitions, but also by gin drinkers.

In collaboration with the distillery, Uta Stobbe has developed an exquisite London Dry Gin from the classic Stobbe Machandel: Stobbe 1776 Classic

Instruction for beginners in machandel drinking

Stobbe 1776 – Gin from Germany

Our Stobbe 1776 Gin looks back on a tradition of over 200 years. As documented in detail on our History of Stobbe Gin page, the first Stobbe Gin was distilled as early as 1776 by Peter Stobbe in the area near Gdansk (then West Prussia).

Even though Peter Stobbe actually came from a Dutch Mennonite family and only emigrated to Gdansk, the gin and the history of gin from the house of Stobbe can confidently be called “German”.