Stobbe 1776 Blackcurrant

Stobbe 1776 Premium London Dry Gin

The classic – Premium London Dry Gin

The award-winning Stobbe 1776 Blackcurrant is a harmonious composition, which is classically based on spicy juniper berries and comes up with a real taste experience through exquisite components: The fruity sweetness of the black currant joins with the refreshing bergamot to a finely balanced citrus note, which is successfully rounded off by the mild spiciness of the green pepper.

Stobbe 1776 has long delighted connoisseurs, because Stobbe is one of the oldest juniper spirits in Germany: already in the 17th century, Peter Stobbe began to distill juniper schnapps near Gdansk and developed his successful recipe from it. The recipe, which has been kept secret to this day, is still in the family and continues to be used to spoil connoisseurs with a unique gin enjoyment.

Gin with 43% by volume


Stobbe 1776 Blackcurrant

Premium London Dry Gin

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Three defining botanicals

Perfect Serve

  • Pure on ice cubes
  • As a delicious gin and tonic with Indian Dry Tonic Water and the juice of a fresh lime

This is what Stobbe Classic Gin tastes like

  • Soft on the tongue
  • An interplay of fruity and spicy flavor elements
  • In the finish currant