Short profile

Back then in Danzig

Over 240 years ago, Peter Stobbe began distilling a juniper schnapps, which he called Machandel (Low German for juniper). Seen in this light, STOBBE 1776 is probably one of the oldest gin brands in Germany.

Nine generations Stobbe

Currently Today, Uta Stobbe represents the brand in the 9th generation and ensures that the family tradition is continued. As a “one-women-show”, Uta organizes the distillation, bottling and sales. Their gins have already received several national and international awards, and more are sure to follow. Tradition is one, (G)Innovation the other side of the success of the Stobbe family of entrepreneurs:
  • The Stobbe family had the first steam-powered distillation plant
  • There was already bottle design when the word design was not yet known.
  • Barrel aging – then as now
Uta Stobbe

Values &Visions

Stobbe connects with an ease Traditional with modern

Stobbe is a family of entrepreneurs with a flair for life that combines spirit of time and tradition.
  • straightforward
  • traditional
  • curious
  • open for new things
  • inspiring
  • courageous to do things differently