Stobbe 1776 ­Old Tom

Stobbe 1776 Old Tom Gin

The sweet one – Old Tom

Stobbe 1776 Old Tom Gin is a premium gin from the award-winning house of Stobbe, whose tradition dates back to gin making since the 17th century.

Three defining botanicals give this delicious Stobbe gin a distinctive charm. The concise fruity note of blackcurrant forms a balanced aroma in composition with the fine acidity of bergamot, which is subtly refined by the mild spiciness of green pepper.

Thanks to its gentle sweetening, this high-quality gin tastes especially good to those who like it a little sweeter. A classic Old Tom gin that is perfect for delicious cocktails and contains 42.5% alcohol by volume.

Stobbe 1776 Old Tom

Barrel Aged Gin

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Characteristic botanicals

  • Bergamot – fine acidity
  • Green pepper – mild spiciness
  • Black currant – concise fruit note

Perfect Serve

Enjoy neat or as a delicious Tom Collins, with refreshing lemon juice and a sweet cocktail cherry.