Stobbe 1776 Basement

Stobbe 1776 Basement Gin

The special - Barrel Aged Gin

Stobbe 1776 Basement is the latest development from the house of Stobbe, which has been delighting connoisseurs with high-quality gin productions since the 17th century and now enjoys international renown.

The latest gin from this production therefore benefits from the accumulated experience of several centuries and at the same time from the most modern knowledge in the production – which other gin can claim that?

Stobbe 1776 Basement is a well-composed, elegant gin that matures patiently in Chardonnay barrels. Round and smooth, this delicious gin leaves the barrel after 5 months of aging. The golden-brown color reveals the noble Chardonnay note of this distinctive medley. Gin with a different experience.

Stobbe 1776 Basement

Barrel Aged Gin

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Characteristic botanicals

  • Bergamot – fine acidity
  • Green pepper – mild spiciness
  • Black currant – concise fruity note

Perfect Serve

Ideal to enjoy neat or as a special gin & tonic, perfect with orange zest.