Stobbe 1776 Classic + “240”

Set consisting of

1x Stobbe 1776 Classic Blackcurrant Premium London Dry Gin, Premium London Dry Gin / Blackcurrant and bergamot join juniper, 43 % vol.
1x Stobbe 1776 “240” Barrel Dry Gin, Barrel Dry Gin / Gin matured for 12 months in bourbon barrels, 42.5 % vol.

each a 0.5 liter bottle



In the set, the Stobbe 1776 BLACKCURRANT Gin joins the 240 Gin.

The blue variant combines the classic Stobbe character with the fruitiness of blackcurrant and the fine acidity of the green citrus bergamot.

Smooth on the tongue – an interplay of fruity and spicy flavor elements.

The red variant contains the 1776 CASE FILLING for the 240th anniversary.

Aged for 12 months in a bourbon barrel, the sharp peaks of coriander are rounded off. The “vanilla note” of the bourbon barrel gives the gin with 43% vol. its special character.

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Weight 2 kg