Bundle of 4 Stobbe Gin -all varieties-

All four varieties of our bottling in a set




Stobbe 1776 Classic Blackcurrant Premium London Dry Gin,0.5 liter bottle, Premium London Dry Gin / Blackcurrant and bergamot join juniper, 43% vol.

Stobbe 1776 “240” Barrel Dry Gin,0.5 liter bottle, Barrel Dry Gin / 12 months bourbon barrel aged gin, 42.5% vol.

Stobbe 1776 Old Tom Gin, 0.5 liter bottle, Old Tom Gin / barrel aged gin plus 2% sweetness, 42.5% vol.

Stobbe 1776 Basement Barrel Dry Gin, 0.5 liter bottle Barrel Dry Gin / 5 months in Chardonnay barrel matured gin, 42.5% vol.

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Weight 2 kg